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"The most beautiful of Villgraten"

The Alpine farms in Villgratental / Innervillgraten

The best thing about Villgraten are the high Alpine farmhouses. Once the hay making has finished in the valley, residents of Villgraten go up to the Alpine pastures.

History of the Villgrater farms

These high Alpine farms however came about because of necessity. The original farms that were set up by the first settlers soon needed to be divided because of the rapid population growth. This was at the expense of their size.

This break up meant that the farmers were, more or less, dependent on extensive (high) Alpine farming. The steep high-altitude mountain pastures - up to 2,500 metres - provided hay. However, hay making was very arduous and required an enormous amount of effort

The Alpine farms ('Almen') in Innervillgraten are as follows:

  • Ahornalm
  • Alfenalm
  • Bergletalm
  • Galleralm
  • Graferalm
  • Kamelisenalm
  • Lipperalm
  • Moarkammer
  • Oberhoferalm
  • Oberstalleralm
  • Prantekammern
  • Riepenkammer
  • Ruschletalm
  • Sandalm
  • Schalleralm
  • Schmidhofalm
  • Senfteralm
  • Staudekammer
  • Tafinalm
  • Thalet
  • Thaletalm
  • Unterstalleralm